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A Human Sized Space Craft

One small step for one man, a giant leap for functional fashion. From head to toe, Neil Armstrong's suit was an engineering marvel with a heavy dose of expert tailoring for good measure. Every stitch had to be be tough, flexible and airtight. After 4 years and over $700,000, the first suit to every step out side of planet Earth was returned to it's display case at the the Smithsonian this week to mark the 50th anniversary of the Moon Walk. Much of the materials used was made by the same company that was known for manufacturing bras., the international latex corporation, Playtex, using their experience of working with stretchy materials to help create the suit. Speaking of things back on display: I was at the store today in the Willow Grove Mall setting up my little "shop" inside the store. I'm making a special limited collection JUST for this location. Many of the pieces will be one or few of a kind. Basically, what I'm doing is buying 10 to 15 yards of a fabric I love... then I get busy creating individual pieces until I run out... then I start working on the next fabric swatch. So the stock will be ever changing and I get to have fun creating something new every time! We're located on the 2nd Floor, two stores away from Bloomingdale's and across the way from the Banana Republic. Hope to see you for the Grand Opening celebration on Tuesday July 30 from 4 to 8. denise

My little store inside the store. We our having a soft opening this Saturday if you'd like to stop by.

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