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No rest for the wicked.. or weary

I finished a Silk Matka wedding suit this past weekend and went straight to work on a ensemble that my client will be wearing to her son's Bar Mitzvah. Before I dive back into my work, I want to invite you to Women of Willow Grove Tuesday June 11. I'm going to be their quest speaker and it's going to be a fun, interactive presentation focusing more on my role as style coach. I believe that creative self expression comes in many forms. As a young girl with a severe stutter, I learned how to express myself visually which led to many wonderful things... I started to create my own clothing, went to school for design and eventually, transitioned to teaching women and men how to express themselves though their own unique personal style. So join me for lunch on the first Tuesday in June and we'll have fun while discovering the importance of dressing with intention. Click on button to for more info. denise

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