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Why I keep a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide in my studio and my car

First I'd like to thank all of you who surprised me and were there to support me when I presented at Women of Willow Grove this Tuesday. It's been a while since I've done public speaking, but I could not have asked for a friendlier, more supportive audience. So thank you! It really meant a lot to me. I missed last Fashion Friday since I was busy working on my presentation while finishing up several custom orders... that all seemed to be due at the same time. Funny how that always seems to happen! Every time a client picks up their custom piece, I go into extreme detail on how to protect and care for their garment. When I last saw Benn (the groom in the photo above), I handed him a spray bottle of peroxide and told him to keep it handy since the wedding was going to be at a Wild Flower farm and I knew there was going to be lots of fun and shenanigans... a perfect recipe for staining his brand new silk suit. I told him to spray it directly on any food, wine or dirt stain the minute it occurs. This will prevent the stain from setting, and, depending on what it is, make it disappear in a matter of seconds. (You should see how quickly it makes a blood stain vanish... and red wine, too... something I have lots of experience with!) After the wedding, he reported that he put it to good use. His suit was preserved until he had the chance to take it to the dry cleaners. Yesterday, my friend and client, Jodi, picked up the ensemble we created for her son's Bar Mitzvah. As I was giving her instructions how to care for it, I shared with her what a textile teacher taught us in the early 1980's... and it's a lesson I never forgot. Dawn dish washing liquid is the best stain remover known to mankind. It's especially effective for grease and food stains on man made fibers. Just glob it on the spot, leave sit over night and wash as usual. I swear by it, but with all stains, the sooner you deal with it the better. That's why I have my own little handy spray bottle of peroxide sitting on my work table... especially when I work with white fabrics. See you next Fashion Friday and enjoy this lovely weather. denise

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