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"If you want to do something great for yourself, please treat yourself to Denise Shardlow's style coach services.  I am so glad that I did! 

After cancer treatment and medication side effects, I was at a loss for how to dress my body, and it was a real downer.  It's great to be working my way back to better health, but it's silly to wait to achieve a certain weight or clothing size to start feeling better about my appearance. 

Denise started with a couple of fun, simple exercises to guide us to style goals that I wanted to achieve.  Next was a wardrobe sweep.  Very little still fit me, but she worked her magic with what I had to hold me over until I could make some new purchases. 

Denise spent time researching great recommendations for new clothes that flattered my new shape.  She even found a website that offers customized clothing and worked with me make great selections.  Denise looked beyond my measurements and really guided me with specific choices to best flatter my shape.  The results exceeded my expectations. 

And she really did coach me so that I now make better choices on my own. 

I just had the sleeve length on a few new tops altered slightly, but the difference in how they now look is amazing.  I would never have thought of that before. 

My family and friends not only notice how much better I look, but how much better I feel.

And that's really what it's all about."


“Denise has a fabulous eye for color & form.  She is my go-to wizard, whenever I need some thoughtful experienced advice either in clothing, or in choosing colors for my home interior.

I am always happy to call on Denise to help me look better.  I go to her because:  1) She understands fabrics, how they behave,  how they drape, etc.   2) She understands colors & how to get them to work together to produce striking effects.   3)  And she understands structure & proportion of bodies, & how to use fabrics & colors to engineer a really fine stunning appearance.  

She is talented.... I really value her opinion & her craftsmanship.  She also helps me make color decisions within my home.”


It's easy.

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