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Since I'm allergic to metal, I don't wear a lot of jewelry and I'm very particular about the jewelry I do wear. I can only wear pendants on a leather or fabric cord. Most of my pieces have a very special meaning to me. I may recall the place where I chanced upon it, the friend who gave it to me or the Artist who created it.

Since I was speaking at Women of Willow Grove, I wanted to wear a piece crafted by my friend, Mosaic Artist Margaret Almon, who is a much beloved member of the group. At the May meeting, I asked her if she could do her magic and make something for me to wear in June. I told her I trusted her completely and that, I'm sure by now, she knew “my colors.” As she was helping me put the pendant around my neck, she remarked on how it picked up the green and copper sheen of the metalic threads in my duster, and how she must have been channeling me. In my presentation, I focused on the importance of dressing in your “season.” I personally find, the biggest advantage of being true to your palette is how it's so easy to build a wardrobe. Every time I add a new piece to my closet, there's a dozen things that I can mix-and-match and coordinate with it. This pendant is no exception. It looks beautiful with everything I wear. I keep it by my bedside table so I can be sure to find this enchanted creation every morning. Wishing you all a happy, magical Solstice. denise

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