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Sometimes my Fashion Fridays topics find me. I could not resist coming up with a photo homage this week of this irrepressible woman. I've been a fan of Carol Channing ever since I was a little girl. I fell madly in love with her in the movie "Thoroughly Modern Millie." I credit her with the reason I had a sassy bob (the hair style, not the guy.. lol) until my late 40's. (And I still consider that my hair style of preference) I'm keeping my tribute to this amazing woman short and sweet since I know I can never compete with the New York Times Obit, so here's the link for more of this delightful, beautiful, talented woman. Carol, may you continue to sing and dance and spread your infectious joy. As always, please feel free to comment below and share with friends. denise PS: Scroll down to the end to watch the video clip of her shouting: "RRRrrrAAaaaAAAssSpBeeerrrRRRRriiiieess!!!" There's nothing like it!

Julie Andrews, Carol Channing and Mary Tyler Moore, the unstoppable, absolutely adorable, stunning and talented trio in "Thoroughly Modern Milly." Again, I was so influenced by this movie when I saw it at the age of five. I am so sure my mother regretted allowing my paternal Grandfather to take me to the movies to see this!

"Before Beyonce, Katy Perry or even Madonna, it was Channing who was the first featured solo artist to appear during the halftime show at Super Bowl IV in 1970 in front of 80,000 people.

She performed again in 1972, making her the first Super Bowl repeat performer."

~Stephanie Nolasco

Carol flying through the air shouting Muzzy's favorite line of "RRRrrrAAaaaAAAssSpBeeerrrRRRRriiiieess!!!"

More of "Thoroughly Modern Milly." I can't help myself. This movie influenced me as much as Auntie Mame did. I was convinced I was going to grow up and be like either Muzzy or Auntie Mame. Oh my poor mother!!!

Carol Channing as a young ingenue.

I can't find the credits for this, but it looks like something from the USO during the Second World War.

Posing with one of several caricatures done of her by Al Hirschfeld. The critic Walter Kerr called her “maybe the only creature extant who can live up to a Hirschfeld.” Click here to see all 13 caricatures done of her by Hirschfeld.

Carol Channing as the free spirited Muzzy in "Thoroughly Modern Milly" as she shouts while drinking champagne on a plane,


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