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A conversation between friends

I pretty sure I mentioned this before: I am so NOT into award shows but I do like to see what was worn on the Red Carpet the following day. Here's an email conversation between my good friend Jane and I the morning after the Golden Globes along with photos of the outfits in question. Disclaimer: I do not like critiquing or criticizing other women on how they look or what they wear. I believe we all have the right to express our selves any which way we choose. This was just a conversation between friends and not meant to be mean or judgemental. Here's the conversation:

Jane - "HI D --- did you see this collection? (linked to the Most Daring Dresses at the Golden Globes) What do you think!? PS: I like Emily Blunt" Me - "Thanks, No I didn't see this. I LOVE Emily Blunt too!!!"

Me - "I couldn't help but be a little sad when I saw Catherine Zeta-Jones... looks like she had plastic surgery and she's so lovely naturally" (but look at those killer legs!!!)

(I did love this photo of her as her husband gazes on her adoringly)

"I, of course, loved Danai Gurira's orange dress!!!"

"Lupita Nyong'o was stunning"

"And Debra Messing's gown was so NOT flattering"

"I liked Janelle Monae In Chanel... unusual, but very regal."

"Halle Berry is just divine..."

"And too funny... My fellow ginger (and person I get the most "Do you know you look like....), Julianne Moore's outfit would be a silhouette I would have chosen for myself, but the color is all wrong... imagine that in a burnt umber or sienna or an emerald green... what was her stylist thinking!!!?" (She obviously was not a redhead)

Jane- "and Gaga!!!???" Me - "AMAZING!!!! but expected. Here's a Poem I just made up: Matching dress & hair, Glamorous beyond compare, But just what we expect from a woman with such flare. LOL!!"

And here's a few honorable mentions that I failed to put in my email back and forth with Jane. It was a Monday morning after all and I had work to do.

Claire Foy looking like a ray of sunshine.

Camilla Belle... everything you expect from a red carpet dress.

Love the royal blue with the metallic green.

And as always, please feel free to comment below and share with friends. denise

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