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Wishing you a magical Solstice, a happy Holiday and New Year!

This years winter solstice is particularly special. Not only do we have a full moon (called the Cold Moon, or the Long Nights Moon, or the Moon before Yule) there's also the Ursid meteor shower visible in the night sky! So don't forget to look up at the sky once the sun sets on this shortest day of the year. I don't have much time to write this week's blog post since I have several deadlines. Here are some photos of works in progress and some yummy faux fur that I'm working with right now, but I can't post the photos of the finished products since I have a rule to never post images until the client gets to wear it! I'll be working in my home studio here in Elkins Park all weekend so if you need any last minute gifts, just call or text me. I have fun stocking stuffers, capes and other accessories to choose from. As always, please feel free to comment below and share with friends.

denise PS: Speaking of magical: If you live in the Philadelphia area and want to do something special on this evening of the Solstice, I highly recommend going to the Missa Gaia (Mass for the Earth) Choral Concert at 8:00 in the beautiful First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia. The last time we had it here in Philly was over 10 years ago and it is co-directed by my talented friend and neighbor, Jane Hulting. I do not recommend this concert lightly. It is worth experiencing.

Cutting out the pattern I made for a Coat Dress that I'm working on.

Prepping the French seams for the Coat Dress

The stretch satin rust accordion pleat fabric for the dress to wear under the coat dress.

I haven't started to cut the dress yet, but I just had to pin this yummy Fortuny-like fabric on the mannequin.

This is the decadent faux mink in a silver gray that I just used to create a cape for a bride to wear for her winter wedding, but no peaking until after the wedding!

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