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Introducing the 2018 Solstice Angel

Since, in a former life, I worked as a visual display person where I had my fill of Christmas decorations, I'm not much for decorating my house too traditionally for the Holidays. But every year, I add as many faerie lights as I possibly can to my interior and I get my jollies out by turning my sturdiest mannequin into my Solstice Angel. I took a few videos and photos of the process. I did remember to wear gloves, but my hands are a little raw from building the skirt. I wanted to finish her for my Open Studio this Sunday, December 9th from 11am to 4pm. I hope to see many of you here. As always, please fell free to comment below and share with friends.


Chicken Wire, pliers, a handsaw and lots of greens.

The longest (and hardest... especially for my hands) process is building the skirt and adding the lights.

Work in progress. I was going through my fabric stash and was inspired to use this beaded gold organza.

In honor of my grandmother, Tiger Lil, she's wearing one of her chokers.

Here's some detail pics. Both my workroom and my boutique, have gates to keep my dogs out. My pups were watching from the hallway. When I brought her out, my Husky Mix, Wyatt, was very suspicious of her and spent a good 15 minutes growling at the intruder in his living room.

The finished product!

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