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The everyday realities of having your own business.

Here's a behind the scenes Glamour Shot...

Literally behind the scenes... Not very glamorous but I turned the downstairs bathroom between my Studio and my Boutique into a temporary photo booth. You do what you gotta' do! I'm getting ready for the Holidays, taking photos for my Etsy site and planning my upcoming Open Studios. I have two dates on the books and am making private appointments.

On Saturday, November 17th, join me for a Client Celebration and a little party before we get knee deep in the Holidays. There will be food, wine and good company. I'll have my Studio Boutique open so you can shop. I have a lot of ideas and work in the Que. You can always come back on Sunday, December 9th for my official Holiday Open Studio where I'm sure I'll have even more new things for you to look at... while they last. First come First served... and I'm posting them on my Etsy Page too!

As always, see you next Fashion Friday and please fell free to comment on my blog post and share with friends.

denise PS: Scroll down to bottom... if you dare!!! Remember my client Jasmine & the Photographer, Mike Ragusa from last weeks blog post? They put together a little Halloween Trick. The Treat is that she's wearing my Red Velvet Russian Princess Coat.

Here's one of my Blouse Cape/Shawls that I just posted on Etsy. Very limited Edition... One of Three Click on image to go to my Etsy Site.

Here's a few of my Cell Phone Pouches that are hot off the presses. They're made of swatches from Interior Design Sample Books. Each bag is one-of-a-kind and can never be duplicated. Click on image to go to my Etsy Site.

Only scroll down if your dare... ............ ............ ............ BOO!!!!

A collaboration between Jasmine and Mike Ragusa. The Treat to this Trick was when I realized she was wearing one of my coats.

And just one more public service announcement: Make sure you vote on Tuesday!

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