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Not everyone's cup of tea: Vivienne Westwood

I'm a little pressed for this fashion Friday since I'm trying to get a custom piece finished over the weekend. (I'll take photos and show how I embellished a preexisting dress for a client. It will be the focus for next Fashion Friday)

Since I was under the gun, I was going to feature the Met Gala from 2013; Punk: Chaos to Couture.

Honestly, I was terribly disappointed by the fashions on the red carpet, but Vivienne Westwood's work was the inspiration behind the theme, so I decided to focus on my Aunt Viv. (She's not really my aunt, but that's always been my term of endearment for Vivienne Westwood.)

You may not know this about me, but since I was a design student in the early 80's, I was heavily influenced by the Punk Culture. I wasn't exactly hard core (I would have been referred to as a "Pink Punk") but I could be seen at the Kennel Club on a regular basis.

Vivienne Westwood has always been a hero of mine. I know she's not for everyone, but as I stated before "What I enjoy the most are the more outrageous costumes that are purely art for art's sake or just tongue in cheek" and Vivienne's portfolio of work definitely fits the bill.

Again, since I'm pressed for time, I'm just going to focus on Viv herself.


Vivienne Westwood in 1976

Vivienne riding high after a Fashion Show

More accolades after a Show

(Anyone who knows me, knows I would love to rock this outfit)

And more...

(Love the feathers, love the orange, love the Paisley!)

When I first glanced at the photo on her biography, I thought I was looking at Dame Judy Dench.

(And, yes, I LOVE this outfit, too) (And I love her hands... she has working hands like mine)

Not sure if she was born a redhead, but any self respecting redhead, natural or not,

LOVES the color orange.

And we do have similar politics...

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