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This may be a little TMI...

I hope this isn't TMI, but... I think this is an important topic.

Women need to talk, share and compare notes...

When I work with my coaching clients, it can get very personal.

We talk about everything from body image to how we feel about our mothers to serious medical issues to loss of bladder control.

As a younger adult, I had no patience for my mother's incontinence. I thought it had to do with lack of discipline, control and poor planning. Now that I'm in my mid-fifties and can do kegels until the cows come home without really helping the issue at hand, I wish I had shown a little more empathy at the time.

The impetuous of this Blog topic was our vacation to Mexico.

I knew we were taking a 4 hour shuttle from the airport to Merida and that we'd be driving through the country side to the beach, Mayan Ruins, etc... so I equipped accordingly. I've learned the hard way to be prepared; for my own comfort and peace of mind.

Here's the unpleasant story of how I learned this lesson:

About 4 years ago we were in Colorado. On our first day, we drove over 14,000 feet up Mount Evans, parked at the top lot and climbed even further. Now, I was aware of Altitude Sickness and took precautions, but there was one symptom I was completely unprepared for. Did you know “at high altitude, a very common reaction is increased urinary output. The body's kidneys sense the lower level of oxygen immediately and kick into high gear?”

Well, this was news to me!

While we were driving to our AirBNB, I was constantly having Glenn get off the highway so I could find a restroom. After sunset, we were lost and I found myself standing outside of the rental car in tears (general malaise; another symptom of Altitude Sickness!) throwing everything out of my suitcase in a panic, looking for a change of clothing while crying “I am NOT my mother!”

I lost control of my emotions along with my bladder. It was not a pretty sight and my sweet husband was so kind and understanding during my hysterics.

After I returned home, I shared my experience with a friend whose children live in Boulder. She laughed and said that her daughter has a package for her when she arrives in Colorado consisting of ibuprofen, dark chocolate and Depends.

My first response was, “Why didn't I get the memo!!?? Why is this not common knowledge!!??” (If you google Altitude Sickness it's not listed in the bullet points, you have to dig a little deeper to find it... why?)

I don't know about you, but in my “normal” life, so much of what I do is with the awareness of how long I'm going to be out and how easy will it be to get to a restroom.

I typically don't recommend specific products in my blog, but a few years back I bought some pairs of Icon Panties (for women who tinkle). They look and feel like regular panties and give me reassurance when I'm going going to be out for a few hours. They only hold up to 6 to 8 teaspoons of liquid so I would suggest incontinence pads or panties like Depends when you need the bigger guns.

There is no shame or embarrassment.

I don't have a snooty, know-it-all daughter, but if I did, I'd tell her to be kind since this may very well be her one day. To quote my corny dad; “Beats the alternative, kid!”

See you next Fashion Friday with a lighter (and dryer) topic.

Please feel free to comment below.


PS: I can only vouch for the Icons, but I just did an online search and found a lot of Pee-Proof Underwear.

One brand was under $30 for a set of 3 where Icons are over $30 for one pair. I even found a pretty lace pair.

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