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Funky Friday: Soul Train...

Last night my husband and I saw Spike Lee latest powerful and poignant movie, BlackkKlansman.

We pretty much staggered out of the movie and I was unable to focus on my Fashion Friday post since we spent the rest of the evening in discussion while googling the true story about Detective Ron Stallworth.

Needing a quick Fashion Friday post, I recalled an interview Spick Lee did with Terri Gross on Fresh Air. He talked about the influence of Soul Train on his childhood (which was clear in the movie we saw last night). As a redheaded girl with pigtails growing up in a predominately white suburb, my sister and I looked forward to Saturdays when we danced in front of our TV; loving the music, the fashions and everything else about Soul Train.

So here's a Fashion Friday Flashback.

Each image links up to a different article on the influence of Soul Train on our culture. Enjoy. denise

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Couldn't resist this one. Here's Aretha wearing her orange proud.

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