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Ooops! Is it really Friday!?...

I was puttering around the kitchen this morning listening to the Pulse on NPR, when it dawned on me "Oh! The Pulse is on... Oh! That means it's Friday... OH! That means I missed my Fashion Friday post!!" (At least I didn't forget to call one of my best friends for her Birthday before I crawled into bed last night!)

Between working on my newsletter, my husbands newsletter, and now the Newsletter for Harmony Retreat & Animal Rescue (a not for profit I passionately believe in to spend a lot of my time and efforts on), my own weekly newsletter totally slipped my mind.

That being said, due to time restrictions, I'm going to pull from a comment that I left on a site called "How to be a redhead." It was in response to the question if redheads should wear either Black or Brown mascara.

It reminds me that I want to do several follow up Tips on one of my first Fashion Friday posts "Are you warm or are cool", the subtleties of color theory and about the mistake of making broad statements with regard to anyone.

Question: "Do you recommend black or brown mascara? I'm a natural redhead with dark auburn hair and very fair skin with a few freckles. I've heard from Team Black that black always looks best on everyone, but Team Brown says that black looks too harsh on our fair skin and is a bit unnatural."

My reply: "It depends if you're a Autumn or a Spring (your color season). I was with a bunch of women discussing many things, when the subject of makeup came up. The only other (natural) redhead in the room announced that redheads look horrible in Black Mascara and can ONLY wear brown. My eyes widened under my black mascara, but I decided to let it go.

The woman in question had strawberry red hair (that only got fairer as she aged) and had very little contrast between her eyes, complexion and hair. My best guess is that her dominant season is Light Spring. Light Springs should avoid dark colors around the eyes and stark contrast in general. She looks best in softer more neutral colors.

Where I was born with that bright orange hair that you could see a mile away. As an adult, it mellowed to a rich chestnut/auburn. I've been told my eyes are the same color as my hair and, although I have fair skin, I have lots of contrast. There's nothing neutral or soft about my coloring. My predominant season is Deep Autumn and my secondary is Warm Autumn. I look best in warm but rich colors and I can pull off stronger makeup, especially around my eyes.

She and I are on opposite ends of the warm spectrum. Most (not all!!!) redheads fall into one of the Warm Seasons, either Spring or Autumn, but to say that “ALL redheads” look best in any specific color, is not considering all the beautiful variations that we come in." I know if your not a redhead, you may be tuning out right now, but the advice goes for all of us; generalized statements are almost never true and we all need to learn the subtleties of our own coloring. Contact me, if you want your own one-on one color analyst with me. denise PS: If you want to get the Harmony's Hartbeat newsletter to be released this coming Tuesday with tips for pet owners and other fun, interesting things, sign up here.

PPS: And as always, feel free to comment to this or any other post on my blog. see you next Fashion Friday.

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