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The Streets Of New York

My husband and are going to a gallery in Chelsea over the weekend. A dear friend of ours had some of his pieces chosen to be featured in a juried exhibition at the Prince Street Gallery.

I can't go to New York without thinking of Bill Cunningham, the Fashion photographer (and milliner) who celebrated everyday NYC style in his column "On the Street" in the New York Times.

Since Bill Cunningham was a man of few words this will be a post of few words.

(His obituary in the New York Times does a much better summation of his life and career than I could)

If you want to keep cool on a hot summer night, I highly recommend the 2010 documentary by Richard Press

"Bill Cunningham New York" ( I think it's still on Netflix, but I'm not sure)

After his death in 2016 at age 87, they discovered he had left behind a secret memoir titled "Fashion Climbing" which I am eagerly awaiting it's release in early September.

Enjoy and see you next Fashion Friday.


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