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Ch... ch... changes... again... but that's what makes the world go round!!!

A handful of you met me during the brief period I represented KOKOON clothing. However, most of you on this mailing list, know me for my own Bamboo Clothing line and/or my custom work.

I have not actively represented KOKOON for over a year now, but earlier this week I felt like I officially put one chapter behind, cleared some space for wonderful things to come in. I just took the last of my KOKOON samples to the Wyncote Green Street Consignment Shop. What pieces they did not take, I donated to New Life Thrift. (And a few sweet pieces, I'm giving to my favorite cousin!) Not that I don't believe in the line, the designer and the company culture. It agreed with all my sensibilities. It's NOT a Multi Level Marketing Company, they empower and include the women who work for them and the fact it's all made in the USA is icing on the cake, but I'm not built for direct sales. I'm a creator and a minimalist by nature.

That fact became glaringly obvious during my third season; when one of my best KOKOON clients (and friend) stopped by to shop and she asked me what she should buy and what flew out of my mouth was "Honestly, you don't NEED a blessed thing. What you NEED to do is to shop your closet, figure out what you already have and how to wear it."

Glenn McClelland (left) of Blood Sweat & Tears

and Ween wearing his ERNSTdottir jacket pictured

with his Band Mate, Bo Bice, lead singer of BST

So I've been doing what comes naturally to me and am concentrating on my own creations

(particularity my Rock Star Coats!) and my Style Coaching business.

Not that I won't recommend KOKOON to my clients when I feel it's appropriate for them (I personally think their slips and camis are the best thing since sliced bread), but now it's time to clear out the Karma and make space for my other ventures... that are NOT new ventures, but things that I have always done... but am now approaching in a fresh, new way.

If you are curious as to what it's like to work with me as a Style Coach, I'd like to share a Testimonial from a very special client I am privileged and honored to work with:

"If you want to do something great for yourself, please treat yourself to Denise Shardlow's style coach services. I am so glad that I did!

After cancer treatment and medication side effects, I was at a loss for how to dress my body, and it was a real downer. It's great to be working my way back to better health, but it's silly to wait to achieve a certain weight or clothing size to start feeling better about my appearance.

Denise started with a couple of fun, simple exercises to guide us to style goals that I wanted to achieve. Next was a wardrobe sweep. Very little still fit me, but she worked her magic with what I had to hold me over until I could make some new purchases.

Denise spent time researching great recommendations for new clothes that flattered my new shape. She even found a website that offers customized clothing and worked with me make great selections.

Denise looked beyond my measurements and really guided me with specific choices to best flatter my shape. The results exceeded my expectations.

And she really did coach me so that I now make better choices on my own.

I just had the sleeve length on a few new tops altered slightly, but the difference in how they now look is amazing. I would never have thought of that before.

My family and friends not only notice how much better I look, but how much better I feel. And that's really what it's all about."


I'd also like to share with you a sample of the Personal Style Books that I prepare for each of my clients. Claire graciously offered that I use her book as my sample. There are over 20 pages (and growing) of tips, suggestions and color charts geared specifically for her.

I continue to share links and make suggestions for Claire when I come across things that fit her own unique personal style.

​Click on the photo below to see the slide show.

I can create one just for you. See you next Fashion Friday!


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