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Peek-a-boo! Your bra is showing. Is it OK to show your bra straps?

I was recently quoted in front of a large group of Women; "Denise said it's OK to have your bra straps show." I was squirming a little in my seat thinking; "Well kind of sort of... but it depends... on so much..."

Some bras are very obviously "underwear" and I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. There are "undergarments" that are clearly just that; they are not meant to see the light of day. So don't. Please hide them. There's many ways to do it but the details of that skill are for another post. Just google it and use your common sense.

Today we're focusing on bras and camis that are designed to be seen.. or exposed to the light of day, if you'd like. I have several myself and they tend to "be seen" the most in the summer time.

Rather than writing lengthy explanations, I took some photos.

I have a few One shoulder tops and dresses; some with sleeves, some sleeveless. I personally do not find strapless bras all that comfortable nor do I like how they lay under my clothing, so incorporate these "new" strappy bras into my outfits. Color, of course, is important.

I was thrilled when I scored not one, but two such bras in Chocolate Brown. I even have one in a rust which I sometimes wear with this top.

There's a lot of tops out there right now that sit right below you shoulder on your upper arm. Again, incorporate the bra with the outfit. Views one & two show the same strappy bra front & back and it appears to be part of the design. (I exaggerate the back and pull the top down a little lower on my back since I like the look of the straps)

View number three is the same top with a Cami-Bra and gives the appearance of those "cold shoulder" or "peek-a-boo shoulder" blouses. (Which are going away no time soon! I digress, but get used to this style. With Baby Boomers reaching a certain age, showing a little shoulder is flattering yet camouflages arms.)

I don't know about you, but my uniform during the dog days of summer is a long maxi dress. Many summer dresses come with a Halter neckline. If it's something you're not comfortable with or need more support, show your bra! But, again, not your grandmother's bra. This is clearly not part of the dress, but it ties in with the other straps around the neck and it works.

You can always wear a cami bra or a T-shirt under a halter or strappy sleeved summer dress, but again, color & style is key.

There's a lot of backless or semi open back tops and dresses which just show a hint of your bra. I didn't happen to have one, so I draped fabric on the mannequin so you get the drift.

Here's a few more tips for showing your underwear in public:

We all have that one favorite dress or shirt where it falls off your shoulder and your bra strap peeks out. There's nothing wrong with that, just have a strap worthy of showing.

Look for bras where you can change out the straps. You can find clear straps (which I personally don't like - if you're going to show your bra straps, show them unashamedly, but follow my tips- but clear are acceptable. ) or buy straps that will complement your outfit and/or add a little bling or whimsy. I've seen straps with everything from polka dots to rhinestones to pearls. If you search on Etsy, there's a bra strap in almost every color and for any occasion so you can play with it and have some fun for something typically much less expensive (and with just as much impact) than a pair of earrings.

See you next Fashion Friday.


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