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Fashion Friday: Neoclassical Designer Mariano Fortuny

I have several new, interesting topics & tips planned for future "Fashion Friday," but, this short week flew by, so I decided to put together a quick collage of classical Designer, Mariano Fortuny.

Many of you may know that Mariano Fortuny has been my favorite designer since design school. It's his combination of simplicity and complexity all wrapped up in a neoclassical style. The fine pleating, all by hand, the creation of his own dyes and pigments using ancient methods with the addition of Murano glass beads made on the Venetian island of Murano and rich brocade & velvet sashes and kimono inspired jackets. So here's a classic Fortuny blue Delphos dress as true as any blue on the Isle of Delphos.

Mariano Fortuny. Born: May 11, 1871, Granada, Spain Died: May 3, 1949, Venice, Italy

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