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Fashion Friday Feature: A Look at the Magical World of Iconic Photographer Rodney Smith (1947 – 2016

Sometimes I may have a tip for Fashion Friday, sometimes I just may want to share something beautiful. Since we're in the middle of a rainy spell here in South Eastern Pennsylvania, I could use a thing of beauty about right now. (But I'm not complaining! My garden is loving this!!!!)

“Composition in photography is like rhythm is in music,” he shared with My Modern Met in 2015. “I am a product of an earlier era—for example, when the compositional senses of photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, W. Eugene Smith, Andr Kertsz, etc. were impeccable; everything was in the right place.” In an age when we're are used to seeing photo manipulation, it's important to note that Smith's compositions were created in-camera. A faithful devotee of film photography, he never switched over to digital technology, preferring to make magic on site rather than in post-production.

For much of his career, Smith shot exclusively in black and white, only switching to color in 2002. Still, all his imagery has a classic, timeless feel, as though the characters are suspended in limbo. Even when their backs are turned to the camera or faces are obscured, his skill as a fine art photographer brings out unspoken emotions in the viewer. In his own words, it was his “mission to find order out of chaos.”

Here's more of his stunning compositions. Enjoy!

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