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Are you in a Color Rut? I am!

Helping my clients has been an eye opening experience for me personally. You can't go through someone's closet and offer them advice without thinking of your own wardrobe and tendencies. We all get into our own ruts. We all have a comfort zone. We all want things to be easy and it may be easier to base your wardrobe on black... or, as in my case, dark chocolate brown.

Now I LOVE color. I surround myself with color. Every room in my house has a color theme. I do not shy away from the brightest of yellows or the most regal of royal blues. My work studio is painted bright poppy because it's "my happy color." It's also an invigorating color. How can I not be energized, motivated and inspired in a room of bright, orange red!

Then I walk into my closet. The lack of color is depressing. I'm almost embarrassed. It's not like I don't know the colors I look good in. And as far as brown goes, yes, it's a great base color for an Autumn like myself, but there's so many other shades. I could wear; amber, rust or sienna... not to mention all the neutral greens & olives that are out there.

If you're a cool palette, think about adding silvery grays, navy or other blues into your black mix.

And, again, it's not like I don't LOVE color! I'm happiest in orange & emerald green. I've always said "I can't have a bad day walking out the door in an orange coat!"

What's your "happy" color? Figure it out and WEAR it! Next time you go shopping at a store or online, promise yourself you will not buy black just this one time (unless it's underwear). If you need help figuring out what you look best in, check out my blog "Are you warm or are you cool" or drop me a line and we can explore it together.

Remember: dressing is supposed an expression of yourself!

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