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Mirror, mirror on the wall, please magnify all my flaws.

This style tip is pretty simple. Get a magnifying mirror and don't take as long as I did to install it.

We've all seen her, that woman of a certain age:

Her make-up may be a little too harsh. She may be emphasizing her eyebrows the same way she did when she was 20. She may have overcompensated by wearing too much concealer under her eyes. Or, like my own mother did, her lipstick is smeared beyond the lines of her lips. UAGHH!

None of us think of ourselves as “that woman.” None of us want to look like we're trying "too" hard, but now I understand how this can happen. “That woman” might not be able to clearly see what she's doing!!! I need “cheaters” to read a menu at a restaurant.

No surprise that I may need a little amplification while I'm putting on my make-up.

I love it when we stay at a hotel with a magnifying mirror in the bathroom. I compulsively get out my tweezers and spend extra time getting every last facial hair that I typically can’t see.

Ages ago, while shopping at the Aldi's, I picked one up for a mere $15.

(I get such a kick out of Aldi's non-food items. I have a blast walking down that aisle and come home with unexpected, fun treasures... some I need, some I don't.)

Last week, after looking at the mirror still in the box in my bathroom closet for months, I finally installed it. To say that this has been eye opening, is an understatement.

Was I the only one who couldn't see those little dark hairs at the corners of my mouth? Did I always have flakes of mascara around my eyes? Was I always a little too heavy handed (and crooked) with my eye liner?

I've always struggled with the desire to look as fresh and natural as possible, while having some polish. Over this past week, I'm finding that I'm going much lighter with my eyeliner & mascara. I'm trying to teach myself to to have a light touch for my day time look, but when I was getting ready to go out this weekend, I tried for a little more drama. I could play around with it more and be assured that I didn't look like Betty Davis in Sweet Baby Jane.

It's also given me a new perspective on products I've been using for years. I had different foundations: BB creams, CC creams, tinted moisturizers and age-defying products in my arsenal. Now I can actually see how they look on top of my skin. Some I liked, others went right into the trash can.

So again, just get a magnifying mirror and do it now.

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