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Nothing to do with Fashion

As like most of us, I have a Facebook page . Originally, I mostly posted photos of our dog, Bridget and now of Logan, but it's crucial to have a social media presence if you have any sort of of business.

I don't need to go into detail about what has been going on over the last several months, but social media seems to only exaggerate the divide and derision in our Nation.

I'll admit to being pulled into the fray myself and it has disrupted my psyche to an extent.

That being said, it's important that we find ways to keep ourselves centered in such an environment.

We've all heard the saying "darkness cannot exist in light." Let's do our best to keep shining our lights in everyway we can. Let's become beacons... in our actions, speech and hearts, at least a few times a day, if that's all we can muster. Hopefully, it will soon spread and get easier.

Yesterday, I made the decision on Facebook to seek out a positive and empowering story to share everyday. I'm sure I'll still get drawn in and will find it impossible to "sit on my hands" at all times, but I hope the simple act of seeking out and sharing something that connects all of us to our humanity, may help close this chasm which divides so many of us now. Even if it's only in my own head.

For today's story, I was going to post something from the "real" news or media, but decided to share something from my small little world instead. I thought it would be appropriate to share it here on my blog as well.

We have a friend in the neighborhood, who's probably in his mid-30's now. He was born with developmental issues and also suffers from anxiety. Chances are, he'll be living with his parents/family for the rest of his life. With Logan's help, we struck up an easy friendship. Several months ago, he shared with me that he has social anxiety and doesn't talk to people. When I gave him a puzzled expression, he laughed and said "You & Logan are different!" Today, "J" was getting out of his car as Logan & I were walking in the opposite direction. Logan, of course, had to greet his buddy, so we turned around and ended up having a lovely conversation with him. J just got back from being at the gym for 2 hours. I asked him about the very serious looking books that he was holding. He proceeded to talk about how he's interested in Jewish mysticism and how it relates to other philosophies. One book was written by a Kabbalist who was a student of Aristotle. etc... He finished the conversation saying, "I'm just a simple guy. If I'm not at the gym, I'm home reading or playing my music" (he also plays guitar & piano) As I walked away smiling, I thought, there's nothing "simple" about J. He has a rich emotional & intellectual life. On the outside looking in, people may make certain assumptions about him & impose their own opinion of what constitutes a life well lived, but it's not for us to impose our standards on this sweet, thoughtful, intelligent young man. May we all live such full, rich lives as my friend J.

Here's a little number I whipped up for Logan.

Golden Retrievers were first bred in Scotland by Lord Tweedmouth almost 150 years ago.

I figured any proper Scotsman needed a proper Kilt... and a Tam!

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