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30 Days, 30 Ways! Day 30!!!!!! Snow Day!

"I love wearing soft, furry things. It's the closest I'll ever get to know what it's like to be a Golden Retriever."

~ denise shardlow

If you could see all the photos we couldn't use due to the Golden Retriever head, butt or tail that was in the shot!

I promised Logan on Day 30 that he'd be front and center. Fortunately, the weather cooperated and gave us snow so we could wear our matching furry Capelets. I figured it was such a great color for a redhead that Logan needed one too.

I'm wearing probably every shade of green imaginable. I'm a recovering Girl Scout. The Girl Scout uniforms in the 60's & 70's managed to combine every shade of green & brown. I LOVED being a Girl Scout. It makes me happy and Day 30 is all about making me happy!

I'm wearing crushed emerald velvet finger-less gloves, a Vest in a couple shades of Olive tucked into the KOKOON Farrah Wrap Dress, my Jolly Green Giant Tights, all topped off with something warm & furry for my shoulders and my head. YEAH! If you haven't caught on yet, this is my preferred look. I always say that we are our true selves at five years old and five year old Neesey would have LOVED this outfit, but she would have loved the Golden Retriever more. It took me until my mid 40's before I finally got a dog of my very own and there's no going back. I love my furry babies more than anything. Fortunately, Glenn is on the same page and we're both doting parents. Logan's not complaining nor did his big sister, Bridget, before him.

I'm wearing the Llynda More Brown Sweater Knit BootTops with the More Luck Ankle Boot. I bought both the More Luck & the More Light at the same time because to sell the boots, I needed to wear the boots. I thought the shorter heel would be more practical and I would wear the higher heel for business meetings and such. I find the two and a half inch heel so comfortable that I pretty much have been wearing them exclusively, but I really like the more casual, sporty look of the low heel as well. Not only do I have to choose between the different BootsTops and how I'm going wear them, I have to pick what ankle boot to wear. Such a dilemma!

With every pair of Llynda More Boots, you receive a note inside the box telling you how to care for your boots.

"...walk in your LM Boots with care and treat them as delicately as you would a $400 pair of fine leather boots or shoes. Remember, this is a fashion foot wear product, not boots to shovel snow or wear roughly..."

You see that cute, brown-eyed, furry guy looking up at me in the photo above. He demands several walks a day and I never know what kind of terrain he's going to drag me into.

I also schlep outside to take out the trash or muck around the yard. I DO NOT wear my LMBs to do so, but I slip off the ankle boot and put on another shoe while I'm often still wearing my BootTops.

I wore it the other day as my friend D'vorah (who also owns her own pair of LMBs) and I were walking our dogs. She looked at my feet with my LM BootTops and my brown leather sneakers underneath and said "I don't believe it, but it works." It protects my investment and I don't have to take off my BootTops every time I take the "little" guy out for a walk.

This is it!!!! Day 30. I'm sure I'll be doing a re-cap, but I may take the luxury of a day off.

This has been fun. My plan is to post a new blog once a week.

I'll talk about everything from being realistic about your body without being critical, how to dress for your body type, finding your own personal style, your best colors, etc...

See you soon,


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