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30 Days, 30 Ways! Day 29: Life, Death and what to wear...

To everything there is a season....

I did not plan on this at all, but a few days ago, I wrote: "It's amazing how well this dress adapts to EVERY situation. I can be my hippy-dippy self... or I can look professional, formal, and even demur enough to wear to a funeral.This is a true classic, and in my humble opinion, a must-have for every woman's wardrobe!"

It really got me thinking. Every person needs a go to outfit for funerals.

When my mother passed away several years ago, she died in between two big snow storms. While meeting with the Funeral Director, the major topic of discussion was deciding to wait a few days after the second storm was over so people could attend the service. Not only that, they had to dig the grave. I'm a very pragmatic person. All this made sense to me, but one, not so minor, very practical detail I did not think about or plan on was what I was going to wear to my own mother's funeral! I managed to whip up a respectable coat dress with some lighter weight dark brown wool I had lying around (Keep in mind, we were snowed in. I couldn't have gone shopping if I had wanted to), but a few years later, in the middle of a heat way this time, a dear friend lost his father, and again, Glenn & I were scrambling on what to wear. This was a very formal, conservative family and we wanted to show our respect, but my husband doesn't own a traditional suit and I dress very whimsically.

It crosses my mind every now & then that I need a "proper " funeral dress.

Looks like I have one in the KOKOON Farrah Wrap dress and it transcends all seasons. Most people would wear the Black to such an occasion, but chocolate brown is as far as I'll concede to the tradition.

You can wear it simply or add a conservative scarf or wrap.

I'm wearing the Llynda More Bronze Beauty BootTops with just an inch of the bronze demurely peeking out at the ankle & upper cuff.

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