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30 Days, 30 Ways! Day 26: The Show must go on!

When I was a little girl and I wasn't feeling well, my mother could always tell by my eyes. I've been fighting a cold/flu the past few days, but the show must go on. I am too close to the end to stop now! Rather than taking a day off, I've been wearing dark glasses so I could get away without wearing mascara for the past 3 days.

This is pretty much the same silhouette as Day 14: Gilding the Lily, but the striped lace gives it a totally different and more day time, work appropriate look, where as "Gilding the Lily" is definitely more formal.

One of the inspirations behind this blog was when my friend Nettie asked me if there was a specific piece in the KOKOON line that I thought was a must have. Without much I thought, I replied "The Farrah Wrap Dress in Black!"

She's a professional; works in an office nine to five, travels for business, is expected to present well at meetings, but needs to dress for evenings. I imagined this being the perfect item to throw in her suitcase with a handful of accessories.

She could dress it up and dress it down with a snap of her fingers... with a little help from the right scarf or jacket.

I got to thinking about the Farrah Wrap in Chocolate that I specifically bought for my sample line with the certainty that it would eventually become part of my personal wardrobe. Since I'm self employed, I don't need to be so "buttoned-up" all the time, but I do need to present a certain way when I meet with clients and go to networking events, while still being genuine to myself.

It's amazing how well this dress adapts to EVERY situation. I can be my hippy-dippy, bohemian-self and turn it into a "costume" or I can look professional, formal, and even demur enough to wear to a funeral.

This is a true classic, and in my humble opinion, a must-have for every woman's wardrobe!

Speaking of a "must have." These Llynda More Boots are another no-brainer. I saw them at a net-working event and on the drive home, I decided that I HAD to represent them. They solve so many issues. You have several pairs of boots in one, they don't take up much space at all, you can choose your heel height, the perfect size to fit your calves.... and they are are truly fabulous!!! I've owned these boots for exactly 27 Days and I am totally sold on them!

Since I now own these boots, I will never have this problem again!!!

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