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30 Days, 30 Ways! Day 25: Simply Put

"Make it simple, yet significant"

~Don Draper

I'm surprised it took me this long to wear the dress with a blouse underneath: perfect for any board room or office.

For those of you with the KOKOON Farrah Wrap Dress in black, you can team this up with almost any color or pattern. Right now, I'm visualizing it with a black & white print: stunning.

I'm wearing the Brown Wrap dress with KOKOON's Milly Blouse in Rusty Nail. I love how the sleeves add volume at the cuff. I posted an image below showing all the available fabrics for this sweet, feminine blouse.

I haven't yet talked about one of the most important things to know about wearing a Wrap Dress: it's all in the knot.

The universally best knot for any dress belt, sash, scarf, etc... is a square knot. I was going to show you step by step, but it's pretty easy to google it and find a "how to" on YouTube or Pinterest.

I have a been on the perpetual search for the perfect brown boot most of my adult life: simple, classic, at least knee length, but most importantly comfortable & wearable. I've was so distracted by all the possibilities and patterns offered in the Llynda More BootTops, that I totally forgot that I now have the perfect brown boot I've always been looking for. Every BootTop is reversible and comes with either the solid black, brown or grey "leather" (no animals were harmed in making these boots) on the opposite side. There's always the option of just keeping it simple, but it doesn't make the look any less fabulous or significant.

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