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30 Days, 30 Ways! Day 24: The party's over....

Turn out the lights The party's over They say that all Good things must end Call it a night The party's over And tomorrow starts The same old thing again

~ Willie Nelson

When I started to represent KOKOON this past March, my friend, Flora, bought the Farrah Wrap Dress Maxi in the peacock pattern to wear to a wedding in Germany. She believes in packing light and said "I'll get double use out of this; I'll wear it to the wedding and then as a bathrobe.... (long pause) I'm serious!" ... and she was. One less thing to pack.

Our favorite thing about our yearly Winter Solstice is the actual party and the friends we see. Our second favorite part is the day after. We totally chill, talk about the party, reflect on the people who came, the friends we were hoping would show and couldn't make it. We recall conversations and bask in the glow. The entire house just pulses with good vibrations. Logan is totally wiped out from the task of following all the humans around, being petted, begging for food and wishing all the tasty things to fall on the floor.

I refuse to wear make-up or brush my hair. I dress as comfortably as possible , but need to wear something passable enough to walk the exhausted Golden Retriever and to take things to the recycling bin.

Trying not to extend too much energy, I'm wearing the Llynda More BootToppers without the actual boot. So when I do go outside, I just slip the ankle boot on.

Happy New Year, everyone!!!!!

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