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30 Days, 30 Ways! Day 22: Don't take yourself too seriously

"I don't believe in fashion. I believe in costume. Life is too short to be the same person every day”

~Stephanie Perkins

I almost didn't post this outfit and then I realized that the whole point to this 30 day exercise was to think outside of the box , have fun and be playful. I didn't want these 30 days to boring for me... or anyone else.

I've shared with you several times that my preferred personal style is a bit of a costume in itself; a cross between Robin Hood & a Pixie. Glenn & I were at the Mutt Strut, a fundraiser for PAWS, a Philadelphia Animal shelter, when a woman asked me "What are you?' I gave her a puzzled look and she said again "Your costume... what are you supposed to be?" I laughed, realizing that in my high boots, tunic and cape that I did look a bit like I was playing a role and it was only exaggerated by the fact my husband was standing next to me dressed like a Rock Star.

A few years ago, we decided to go to a Steam Punk event being held in the city. We were just voyeurs from the burbs who only wanted to have an interesting night out, but it was amazing how easily and quickly we fit it. I just pulled from our "normal" wardrobes, changed it up a bit and you would have thought we were a regular part of the scene.

That's the art of dressing. It has the power to totally transform you; not only the way you feel about yourself but the way others perceive you. It's not static. You can change who you are on a whim. Fashion is almost like changing our skin. It can be an entertaining game, one you don't have to take too seriously all of the time.

I have a several whimsical, artsy, lighthearted pieces that I don when I want to make a statement and or just have a little fun. This fanciful double brimmed hat and "Shamona"(a cross between a Shawl & Kimono) in an airy netting are just those pieces. After wearing this wonderful KOKOON wrap dress for 22 days in a row, I suppose I felt the urge to break out a little, because, after all, "Life is too short to be the same person everyday" even if you are wearing the same dress everyday for 30 days. The last thing I want to be is predictable.

Speaking about changing Skins, I've been totally enamored by these Snake Skin BootToppers.

The nice thing about the Llynda More boots is you'll never fall into a style rut. If you take advantage of their current boot bundle for the month of December, you can have one pair of boots with 3 different reversible toppers and you'll never get bored with your look.

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