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30 Days, 30 Ways! Day 20 : A small helping of Asymmetry

If you want me

You can find me

Left of center

Off of the strip

In the outskirts

In the fringes

In the corner

Out of the grip

~ Suzanne Vega - Left Of Center Lyrics

Most of my adult life, I had an asymmetrical bob. I joke and say that I'm a little lopsided by nature.

I've always preferred to be on the idiosyncratic side of things.

I like how you can tuck a scarf, an open back vest, or a shawl in the one side of the iconic KOKOON Wrap Dress and have it drape & flow out the other. It looks, feels and flows like it's part of the dress.

The neutral brown stripes gave me the opportunity to wear the Snake Skin Llynda More BootTops. Sometimes the best way to wear these unstoppable is boots is long & lean. You can't improve on a classic.

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