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30 Days, 30 Ways! Day 17: 'tis the Season for Velvet

Sorry for the fuzzy pics. We were on our way to a neighbors party last night and had to take a quick series of photos before the Holiday Festivities began. I figured what the heck: I was all dressed up with a full face of make and perfect Hoiliday hair.

When I was 3 or 4, I was the flower girl for my Uncle Horace & Aunt Maxine's wedding. I wore a simple white velvet dress. Despite of a few hot chocolate stains on the front, I insisted on wearing it every Christmas until I couldn't fit into it anymore. To me Christmas means velvet.

This Crushed Velvet Coat Dress (in a subtle pattern of greens & browns... made even more subtle by the fuzzy photo)

was my proto-type for the Russian Princess Coat, but I wanted it to be a dress, NOT a coat so it has side slits pretty much all the way to the hips. I LOVE this dress, even more so since I literally can only wear it once or twice a year.

I always had a difficult time find something to wear underneath it. I've tried it with long skirts, dresses, palazzo pants, but it was all just too much fabric.

KOKOON's wrap dress is perfect. The shape of the collar matches that of the Velvet dress. The fact that it's considerably shorter is great fun since every time I move, there's a flash of leg under the floor length velvet.

To add to the festivities and to add a touch of nostalgia, I'm wearing my Grandmother's (Tiger Lil's) vintage necklace in green rhinestones like a lovely, sparkly vine around my neck.

Since it's the season of tinsel, it's the perfect time for the Llynda More BootTops in the Bronze Beauty #1.

I wanted to wear it as close to an ankle boot as I could to show a little more leg, after all, it was a party.

Here's a few more, pre-party Fuzzy pics. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.


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