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30 Days, 30 Ways! Day 14: Gilding the Lily

We all have that one favorite scarf. Years ago (Ten to be exact. It was our first Solstice party on the actual Solstice!),

my friend Anastasia brought this back from Kazakhstan for me as a gift. I treasure it!

It's a paisley brocade with the perfect combination of browns & golds to make any redhead happy.

I sometimes wear it under a coat to keep warm, but it's a piece that deserves full attention.

The beauty of a wrap dress is how easily you can tuck a scarf or an open back vest (Day 3) into one side and totally change the look. The drape & folds of the scarf gives it a vintage Dior-ish neckline.

Many women complain about wearing scarves & shawls ... how they hate the fuss and bother. No worries here.

I have my "stay put" pins (Day 12) in 3 Strategic places: 1) inside the wrap dress where the scarf is initially tucked in;

2) at the top of the opposite shoulder seam; 3) under the fold of the scarf at the waist line.

If you have more of an actual waistline or an hour glass figure, you can wear the scarf under the belt and even bring it further towards your left, making a complete collar over the dress.. Women like myself, with less curves and a less defined waist, like the illusion a flowing scarf can bring.

I'm wearing the fabulous Golden Girl BootTop. I put them on "upside down" and scrunched them over the boot.

Just the right amount of glitz to finish off this fun Holiday look.

Happy Solstice everyone!

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