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30 Days, 30 Ways! Day 13: The Quintessential You.

We all have that look we feel most ourselves in. As admitted to earlier, I like leggins, tunics, capes & boots. I'm happy. I'm comfortable. I'm most myself. I'm part Robin Hood, part girl superhero, part Pippy Longstocking- all grownup. That's me! Can I play other roles? Do I play other roles? Yes, of course, I do, but this is my natural default.

I just instinctively turn this iconic, classic wrap dress into my quintessential look without even trying.

That's the wonderful thing about the classics. They're pliable. We can own them. We can mold them We can shape them. We make them our own.

We're not supposed to look the same. We're not supposed to be cookie-cutters. Dressing is a way of expressing who we are. It can be an art form all of it's own.

What would you do with your wrap dress? Would yours be black? Would you wear pearls? Would you wear chunky jewelry? Would you layer it? Would you wear a bolero.. a blazer... a cardigan? Or would you just keep it simple and wear it as the timeless dress it is?

That's the lovely thing. You can do what ever you'd like. You're going to see a definite pattern & theme in these 30 Days, but this is my look. What's yours?

I'm wearing the Llynda More Boots with the Sweater Knit BootTop upside down again scrunched down over the boot with a cuff on each end. Another tip: If you're going to cuff the BootTop, do both legs before you put them on. It's easier to keep the cuffs a uniform width.

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