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30 Days, 30 Ways! Day 12: A little bit of back.

My husband says there's nothing sexier than a glimpse of a woman's back, especially when you don't expect it.

I wore the dress backwards at least twice so far, but I topped it with jackets that covered the back.

Today I went double backwards for double the fun.

I had this semi sheer paisley Kimono-like jacket sitting in the back of my closet. I thought it would be perfect for this look due to it's drape & transparency. Like Day 5, wearing this gives me the illusion and feel of wings... and who doesn't want to have a pair of wings!

I mentioned on Day 1 that I'll be wearing KOKOON's slips since there's nothing like the added security & smoothness that a good slips provides, but today I put the V-neck slip on Backwards: Perfect... didn't even peek thru.

Since I have the height, I chose to have it drape and flow free, but it may be too much fabric for some women or if you have a waistline to show off, add a belt.

I'm wearing the Llynda More Boots with the Brown Sweater BootTop. Like yesterday, I put it on upside down cuffed the top for the sweater knit to show and scrunched the rest over the shoe.

I have a little trick for the scrunched looks. I take an Ouch-less elastic hair band, slip it over the topper and tuck it under the cuff. It stays put and does not shift all day. There's no constriction around my leg. I'm not even aware it's there until I go to take it off.

Speaking of things staying put... keep scrolling down.

I'm surprised I got all the way to day 12 without mentioning my little lapel pins.

I call them my "stay put" pins.

I have half a dozen and use them almost everyday. I wear a lot of flowing scarves & vests and placed in a strategic position, these little pins are invaluable.

They even come in handy when you have a neckline that keeps moving to places you'd prefer it didn't.

With today's look, the jacket was not meant to wear backwards so it would shift and fall off if it wasn't for 2 of these little pins both placed at the top seam on each shoulder. Problem solved. The jacket "stays put."

Here's how you make them:

Most craft supply stores sell the little "Pin Back Set" above in gold or silver. Find stones or ornaments that work for you. I choose these translucent, opalescent beads since they would be neutral with most of my clothing.

You may want black, silver, etc...

Secure it to the top of the pin with Amazing Goop.

Let dry and you have a quick easy solution for any "stay put" problem you may have.

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