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30 Days, 30 Ways! Day 11: Holiday Parties

Earlier this year, when I first discovered KOKOON Clothing, I drove up to Bethlehem, PA to meet with another Sales Rep and to look at the line. She saw my eye go straight to the Go-Lightly Coat Dress and said "If you want that, you better order it fast!" That was when I learned that KOKOON is serious about their mission to make Made in the USA designer clothing in limited editions. I always tell my clients; "you snooze, you loose." The season had only just started and I was lucky enough to get the last Medium. It's one of my favorite pieces. (Neck to neck with the KOKOON Maxi Wrap Dress in Peacock- it's a toss up.)

It's a Sunday evening. Neighbors are having a little informal gathering. This is perfect. Not too fussy, but not the least bit ordinary. I tied the belt on the "Go Lightly" in the back to wear it as a jacket over the Farrah Wrap Dress.

I have a chart that shows all the ways to wear the Llynda More BootTops. This is listed as (lucky) # 13: the Band & Ruffle. I was a little intimated by it when I saw the photo, but so easy to do. I put the BootTop on "upside down" with the Bronze Beauty side out, folded down the brown "leather" (no animals are harmed in making these boots!) to give the lower bit a little flounce and folded it up for a little bronze cuff.

Adorable for the Holidays. Just enough glitz & style.

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