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30 Days, 30 Ways! Day 9: Don't say goodbye to summer!

At the end of every season, there's always things I hate to part with. In the fall, I reluctantly put away my long, easy summer dresses & slip-on sandals. In the spring, I longingly look at my leggins, boots & capes and wish I could wear them all year long.

The same could be said about KOKOON's Sleeveless Fulton Day Dress from the 2016 Spring/Summer Collection, with same classic collar as the ever popular Brookland Blouse. The Fulton sold so well that new colors & patterns were introduced mid-way in the season and when fall hit, designer Laine Sou Weinberg, added a 3/4 sleeve.

Many of us have it sitting in the back of our closets eager for the time we can bring it front and center.

That time is now.

Since I converted the Farrah Wrap Dress into a jacket yesterday, I decided to keep it that way for one more day.

(See day 8 for step by step directions)

The Navy Sesame Swirl works perfect with the chocolate brown dress/jacket, tights & boots.

No one would ever guess this was a summer dress. Those of you lucky enough to have the Farrah Wrap Dress in Navy can turn that into a jacket and wear it with navy or black tights & black boots.

I'm wearing the Llynda More 2 and a half inch heel boot with the the Brown Snake Skin BootTop. I folded it down past my calf and gave it a chunky cuff at the bottom for a sporty, sassy look.

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