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30 Days, 30 Ways! Day 8: Movement!

Within the last month, I've had the pleasure of hearing Sue Sandler give the same presentation twice. Susan is an accomplished public speaker, performer and she's in the process of working on a one woman show.

After, our second meeting, she asked me a few questions about her wardrobe. Without thinking, I started to compare the 2 outfits I've seen her wear: focusing more on the drape & movement when she was "on stage." I did not realize until we were in conversation, how much I just naturally noticed & picked up in both our meetings.

Clothing is meant to be on a body and bodies are meant to move.

In the morning when we take a quick peek at ourselves in the mirror to make sure everything is "where it belongs," we're hardly seeing the complete picture. The fabric we drape on our bodies is as animated as we are. It moves, it flows, it sways... responding to our movements, just as much as we respond to it's movement. I walk differently in my favorite waterfall skirt or my floor length coat with a bustle. There's a sensuousness to my gate as I feel the fabric swish side to side as I take each step. To ignore the fluidity of our clothing is to ignore the aroma of the bread as it's baking. It's one of the many pleasures we have in being human.

Today, as promised, I turned the Wrap Dress into a flowing jacket (I'll have instructions at the bottom of this blog).

Underneath, I'm wearing KOKOON's Farrah Wrap Blouse in Midnight Clay (stock only... won't be around much longer) and their Vacation Pant in Navy. The easy style of the blouse and the liquid comfort of these pants are a perfect match for this fluid Chocolate Brown "jacket." The minute I put this outfit on, I couldn't keep still!

What makes the Llynda More Boots sexy is the ability to wear your boot 30 different ways. If you take advantage of the current boot bundle for only $185, you can get 3 BootTops with one ankle boot for 90 different looks! BUT, all that being said, who couldn't use a classic, comfortable ankle boot all by it's self. You get one of those too! For today's' outfit, the More Light ankle boot was all I needed. In this case, less is definitely More.

Directions on turning your wrap Dress into a Jacket/Duster:

(I saturated the images with light to make it easier to see)

1) Turn Wrap Dress inside out and fold both sides with ties to the side seam. (A, B, & C)

2) Put both Ties into the slit on the side (C) while leaving slack on the opposite side tie.

3) Turn right side out and knot both ties together just out side of slit (D)

4) Let the shorter tie hang loose, bring the longer tie thru the loop on your left side. Wrap it around and knot it. (E)

5) Both ties will drape freely on each side of the jacket. (F) One will inevitably be longer than the other.

Relax, asymmetry is a good thing.

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