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30Days, 30 Ways! Day 7: Sweater Knits

Themes for today: cozy sweaters, comfy boots, toasty toes.

When we rented, we had no control of our heat and would fantasize about having our own home where we could make it as warm as we wanted. Then reality happened. Now that we're in our home for our second winter and get the electric bills. Ha! Joke's on us. We keep our heat down as low as we can tolerate it. I have a ton of finger-less gloves I used to wear in our old apartment that I'm bringing out again.

Less to show off Marsha's necklace and more to keep warm, I decided to wear the dress backwards again. (I did remove the tag for comfort. Just use a seam ripper and be careful.). I know I have a tail from the tie. It doesn't bother me. I like things with tails. Just ask my Golden Retriever and every furry creature I come in contact with.

I grabbed the Erudite Cardigan in sesame (which are almost sold out by the way) off the rack in my little KOKOON boutique. It's just one of those perfect sweaters: classic, practical, polished, and perfect for layering.

Since I'm going for a more casual, sporty everyday look, I decided to wear the More Luck Llynda More Boot with the comfy one and a 1/2 inch heel. My BootTop is the brown sweater knit folded down with little cuff at the bottom. I have a warm pair of chocolate brown textured sweater knit tights keeping the rest of me warm.

I keep promising to turn the Wrap Dress into a Jacket/Duster. Maybe I'll get around to that tomorrow. Depends on my mood.

See you then.


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