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30 Days, 30 Ways! Day 5: Butterfly Wings

Themes for the day: Be true to your color palate, more colors of nature and who doesn't want wings!?

When I started this fun, creative exercise (not sure how fun & creative it's going be in a few weeks.. or even a few days for that matter.. lol), I stated that the purpose is to look at our wardrobe in different ways and rethink the way we wear our clothes & put them together.

As a lifelong Ginger, brown is my black and oranges, greens & rusts put a smile on my face. If you're a Raven Haired beauty, your neutral will be black with rich reds and bright cool colors as your contrasts. If you're like my friend Vivie, you may wear a lot of slates & silver and use jewel tones like teals & purples for pop colors.

Since I'm basing this on what I have in my closet, these 30 days will have a redhead's slant to it, but think about your "happy" colors and not so usual color combinations.

For today's color palate we again look to nature: falling leaves, beautiful sunsets, Bryce Cannon, an array of butterflies & moths, all come to mind. Like our butterfly friends, who doesn't want to put on a pair of wings every now & then?

Again, I'm wearing KOKOON's Farrah Wrap Dress in Chocolate. I took one of my Scarf-like Waterfall Vests (I will eventually show you how to turn a large scarf into something similar), put it over my torso upside down & wrong side up, then I flipped it behind my head, giving the illusion of sleeves, or as I prefer to think of them, wings. It's fun, whimsical and surprisingly stays put. If I'm putting on a coat, I just hold onto the ends as I slip my arms into the sleeves. It's functional & wearable while still being playful.

I'm surprised by how much I'm wearing the Brown Snake Skin BootTop from the Llynda More Boot Collection. When I first placed my order, I thought it was the most conservative of my choices, but it's rich, subtle and bottom line, I like the look. Yesterday, I learned I could put the toppers on "upside down" with the narrow end at my lower calf, scrunch the topper down and pull it over the boot. Today, I decided to give it a chunky cuff .

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