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30 Days, 30 Ways! Day 4: Holiday Entertaining

Theme for the day: Hollywood Starlet Lounge wear.

I've always be intrigued by the the photos of the Starlets in the 1930's and 1940's: "casually" dressed in "lounge wear."

They make it look like they were caught by surprise but clearly anything but. Their style is deliberate & calculated.

When I entertain, that's my look of choice; easy, comfortable elegance.

I often take advantage of KOKOON's Steal of the Week. About a month ago, they featured these wonderful Velvet Palazzo Pants. I never could resist velvet, especially in such a rich brown. No surprise that I had a brown velvet cami waiting in my top drawer. I topped both velvet pieces with the Farrah Wrap Dress, knotted it in the center, then tucked the ties inside the dress and wrapped them snugly around my waist.

I was just going to wear the ankle boots alone without a BootTop, but you know how when you have a wider pant & a shorter boot how it often gets caught in the hem? So I put the Bronze BootTop on "upside down" with the ankle part on my lower calf, scrunched it and pulled the wider end over the boot. Problem solved and it looked nice when I sat down to have the bit of the bronze glitz peep out from under the velvet.

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