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30 Days, 30 Ways! Day 3 : Did you ever see a tree that didn't match?

Themes for the day: Robin Hood, Pixanne, the colors of nature and silly redheads in green tights.

If you were to ask me my personal style, I'd laugh & say "A combination of Robin Hood meets Pixanne" -

Mostly due to early childhood influences:

Robin Hood because the Shardlow's originate from the English Midlands with my Dad's paternal side coming from Nottinghamshire. My grandfather, always the story teller, would tell us we were direct descendants of Robin Hood. My 5 year old self thought Maid Marion was for sissies! I was Robin Hood! I would jump up & down on the furniture in sword play pretending to defend the poor. (No wonder I like Bernie Sanders!)

Pixanne because I was a little girl from the Philly area in the Sixties. Pixanne was a local popular children's television program, created and hosted by singer-actress Jane Norman, that ran in the late sixties. Her whimsical style was a bit like Peter Pan as she flew around the set singing songs & telling stories. Even Tiny Tim made quest appearances.


I've always been attracted to tunics, leggins & boots and, of course as a redhead, anything that didn't clash with my hair; which meant rich, earthy colors.

Although, I promised "some" color today, I didn't go over board. I kept in the earth tones.

In middle school I once heard a boy being teased that his outfit didn't match. He looked down at himself in his green & brown, puzzled he replied, "Did you ever see a tree that didn't match?!" That always stuck with me. All shades of green teamed up with brown are some of my favorite color combinations; from muted olives to bright emerald to deep forest greens. If it's in nature, it matches!

Today, I layered a little differently. Rather than having the Vest/Scarf Drape over KOKOON's Farrah Wrap Dress, I tied it in with the wrap while leaving the opposite side loose and flowing. You can do this with any scarf or vest you have in your closet.

Since it was a Saturday, I was going for a comfy, casual look so I chose the More Luck Lynda More Boot with the

one and a half inch heel. For the BootTop, I have the brown "leather" (did I mention no animals are harmed in making these boots?) on the outside, giving it a chunkier cuff on the top in the "Snake Skin" and a shorter cuff around the ankle in true Robin Hood fashion.

I'm wearing a necklace made by my friend Gwyneth MacArthur. She combs thru our local Tacony Creek finding broken treasures she turns into magical pieces of art. Due to my allergies, I avoid earrings & rings all together, but can't resist her necklaces. I'm sure I'm not the only woman with metal allergies so here's my little trick: If any metal touches my skin, I just put a layer of nail polish on it. I could use clear, but on her pieces I find metallic polish to compliment her work.

Not sure what I'm doing tomorrow. See you then.


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