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30 Days, 30 Ways! Day 2 : Monochrome

Theme for the day: Monochrome, textures and warmth!

I'm still wearing the KOKOON Farrah dress as a basic Wrap, but I'm adding layers. The dress is a 3/4 length sleeve, which I love due to it's versatility, but it's a little chilly right now so I threw on a pair of finger-less gloves in brown velvet. I love the texture added with the Taupe Waterfall Vest and topped it with an Infinite Scarf in Brown & Black Paisley. Again, many of us have our favorite things to wear, one of mine is my lucky Amulet just peaking out from under the scarf.

I like to mix & combine texture so I decided to wear the the Snake Skin Boot/Solid Black reversible BootTop. Since there's black in the scarf, I thought it would be fun to have to have a bit of the black peak out at the ankle. That's one of the many things I like about the Llynda More Boots; you're not limited to BootTops by color of your boot. Although both my ankle boots are brown, I have 2 tops that have black on the reversible side and they look great together... it's adds a little contrast.

So far, I've been a little monochromatic (which I love, but I also love colors too!) so tomorrow I'll try to introduce some color into this game.

See you then,


Today I had a customer interested in the black ankle boot with the Grey Sweater/Reversible Solid Gray BootTop.

They're going to look great together.

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