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30 Days, 30 Ways! Day 1: The K.I.S.S. Principle

Theme of the day: Keep It Simple, Silly!

Let's have some fun! For the next 30 days I'm going to show different ways to wear KOKOON's classic Farrah Wrap Dress teamed up with the unstoppable Llynda More Boots.

Whether you're traveling, looking for a work "uniform" or just want to simplify your wardrobe, this is a creative exercise that will help us think outside of the box. Showing that with a few key wardrobe staples, layering pieces and fun accessories, you can pull off dozens of looks.

I'll be wearing the dress with pieces I already have in my closest and I'll come up with fun, different ways to wrap & wear the dress. I'm even going to turn it into a Jacket/Duster!

As a redhead, brown is my black, so use your imagination and think about pieces in your own Wardrobe that would work with the Black or the Navy Wrap dress.

Llynda More Boots come in 3 colors, 4 heels with dozens of toppers to choose from. I own 2 heel heights in brown and 5 toppers so I'll be cheating a little bit, but imagine how much room you can save in your closet & suitcase.

The look for Day 1 is deliberately basic. It's the Chocolate Wrap Dress all by itself with the More Light Brown Ankle Boot with the reversible Brown Snake Skin BootTop worn as a knee high boot.

You can't go wrong with this look; classic, simple and appropriate just about any where.

I'm wearing my lucky amulet on a leather cord. You'll soon notice I'm light on jewelry since I have metal allergies, but there's other ways to accessorize and add personality. I'm wearing a taupe headband because the look is reminiscent of the early Seventies and I wanted to give a nod to the name of the dress; The Farrah Wrap.

Full disclosure: I shortened the dress a little bit. I look best in either above the knee or below the calf, that, and I wanted more versatility so I could make it look like a Tunic, a Top, a Duster and a Dress!

You'll hardly know they are there, but I'll be wearing KOKOON's Slips: I have the V-neck in Chocolate and the Scoop-Neck in Stone. Sometimes, I may deliberately have them peek out a little bit, but there's nothing like the added security & smoothness that a good slips provides.

See you tomorrow!


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