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Wardrobe  Sweep

The Wardrobe Sweep is typically a 3 to 5 hour session(s) done in your home to assess your current wardrobe.

Denise likes to start out with at least a 60  to 90 minute coaching session for a color analysis and to determine your body type. You will also explore you wardrobe needs and come up with a style that reflects your personality. Denise will put together your own Personal Style Book with your personal color chart(s), makeup chart, body type guide along with a summation of your style personality.

During the actual closet sweep, you and Denise will discuss your personal goals as you try on clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories from your current wardrobe. We'll get down to the bare essentials and build from there to create captivating clothing combinations re-envisioning existing pieces.

Denise will put together a detailed list stating your wardrobe needs as well as an easy how-to digital photo diary of the assembled looks.

Price: Starting at $525 and up

(rate includes a 60 to 90 minutes Style Analysis, your Personal Style Book, and 3 hours in your closet and links to suggested pieces to complete your wardrobe.  Charge for additional time & services)

Step 1: Before the Appointment

Style, Color and Body Type Analysis before the Style Sweep Session.

You will receive your own personal Style Book with your personal color chart(s), makeup chart, body type guide

along with a summation of your style personality. (Value $125)

Send me pictures of your closet so I can access the scope of the job.
I may recommend a few products before our time in your closet. (I suggest Velvet Non-Slip Thin
Clothing Hangers. Just using them alone makes it easier to find things in your closet) I'll also have
some on hand available for purchase if you prefer not to go shopping.
 send you a quick style questionnaire, so we can maximize our time together in your closet.


Step 2: During the appointment

As we go through your closet, we will come up new outfit options and ideas using the pieces you
already own.  I'll take quick snaps shots to re-jog your memory.
I'll recommend ways to reinvent existing items* (i.e. change the buttons, the hem, etc..)
*For the pieces that need repairs, tailoring or reinvention, I can help find a tailor of do them myself
depending on the job. (of course, there will an extra charge for all alterations)
I'll bring portable clothing rack(s) to make the process easier.
First, I will go through all of your clothes and accessories with you. I'm not an undergarment expert, but I can make suggestions.
We'll decide what to keep, store, resell, or donate.
Together, we will then rearrange everything back into your closet in the way that makes the most sense for your life and style.
Throughout the process, we will find pieces that no longer fit your style or life needs. I will guide you

on how to best remove these pieces from your closet. (donations to places like Laurel House or
consignment shops like Green Street)
Consignment/donation allocation designation negotiated separately.
By the end of our appointment, you will have an exact plan of action for every piece in your closet.
Step 3: After the Appointment
I will provide a detailed list of your wardrobe needs as well as links with suggestions for pieces that will complete your wardrobe.
I'll email you  a color palette of your best colors as well a style guide suggesting the best silhouettes for your body type.

Investment: $425 for 3 hour for wardrobe sweep alone

$525 for Style Analysis, Personal Style Book plus 3 hour Wardrobe Sweep

Wardrobe Sweep in your home, $55 for each additional hour.
Additional Services $75 an hour.

Additional Services
Now that everything is perfectly organized and edited, I will be available to come back for follow-ups including:
* Styling sessions
Creating more outfit ideas using the pieces you already have and recommend other pieces
to compliment your wardrobe
* Closet touch-ups
A mini version of the original closet therapy appointment
* Personal shopping: Can consist of sending you suggestions to online links or to actually going
shopping with you. I do have a source where specific silhouettes in limited fabric and color
selection can be custom made to your height, size and preferred style in neckline, sleeve &
length. I will work with you, take your measurements and guide as to what style changes would
best suit you and your body type.

*Special event styling
* Packing for upcoming trips

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