New bags will be added regularly. Many one-of-a-kind.


Here's the history behind these remnants:

The Teal Chenille (which rhymes!) was a bolt I found at Jomar and used for a few Duster style Coats.

(and I know I mentioned it before but I think it's a fun fact  so I'm going to repeat myself. Chenille means Caterpillar in French and I think it's befitting to team it up with this butterfly print.)

I fell in love with this floral when I was searching for a lining for a clients teal coat.

I knew it was going to be too heavy, but I ordered a yard anyway out of wishful thinking

At the same time, we were moving into our new home and needed something to tie in our dull army green sofas in with the sky blue rug we inherited with the house.

I used it as a backing for the sofas and created a fabric screen with it to bring the room together.

I then used the left over fabric for my cell phone pouches. They were always the first bags to sell out at every show. Now that I finally have new sofas, I'm finding a new life for this gorgeous fabric.

Teamed with a Tagua Nut button.


About this silhouette:

I recently designed this bag for myself. I've never been a fan of big bags, but covid showed me that I needed something larger than my cell phone pouches to carry everything I needed. 


The silhouette is reminiscent of a saddle bag with an organic, almost kidney shape that lays perfectly on the hip.

It's not too big or bulky but carries everything I need while making them easily accessible.

The strap is super comfortable and secure.

There's a snug pocket on the outside if you need to grab your cell phone quickly along with two pockets in the interior.

There's even a loop on each side and one carabiner clip for your keys to so you won't have to go fishing.


I am determined to reduce my fabric stash.

I have challenged myself to take a few pieces each week and create something new.

Most will be one of a kind, some will be one of few.



Saddlebag in Teal Chenille with Butterfly Floral Tapestry