New bags will be added regularly. Many one-of-a-kind.


Here's the history behind this remnant:

The Satin was from a nehru jacket I made for a client several years ago.

I bought the vinyl at Jomar on a whim. Mostly because it felt like butter.

I have enough to make 2 more, buttons will vary.



About this silhouette:

I recently designed this bag for myself. I've never been a fan of big bags, but covid showed me that I needed something larger than my cell phone pouches to carry everything I needed. 


The silhouette is reminiscent of a saddle bag with an organic, almost kidney shape that lays perfectly on the hip.

It's not too big or bulky but carries everything I need while making them easily accessible.

The strap is super comfortable and secure.

There's a snug pocket on the outside if you need to grab your cell phone quickly along with two pockets in the interior.

There's even a loop on each side and one carabiner clip for your keys to so you won't have to go fishing.


I am determined to reduce my fabric stash.

I have challenged myself to take a few pieces each week and create something new.

Most will be one of a kind, some will be one of few.



Saddlebag in Purple Textured Vinyl and Purple Satin with Embroidered Silver Rose