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Saddle Bag in Textured Sueded Microfiber with Velcro Closure.

(A friend saw my original bag and asked if I could make one for her with a velcro closure.)

This is a brand new silhouette for me.

It's reminiscent of a saddle bag but has an organic, almost kidney shape that lays perfectly on the hip.

I made the prototype for myself in a rust suede microfiber a month or two ago and it is now my favorite bag when I go out.

It's not too big or bulky but carries everything I need while making them easily accessible.

The strap is super comfortable and secure.

There's a snug pocket on the outside if you need to grab your cell phone quickly along with two pockets in the interior.

There's even a loop on each side and one carabiner clip for your keys to so you won't have to go fishing.



I am determined to reduce my fabric stash.

I have challenged myself to take a few pieces each week and create something new.

Most will be one of a kind, some will be one of few.


Saddle Bag in Textured Sueded Microfiber with Velcro Closure

  • Bag: 10" wide at widest point, 10" long at longest point.

    51" strap but my more petite friends can request a shorter length.


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