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Llynda More Boots

After attending a Women's Networking Event, I saw these amazing Llynda More Boots. As someone who designs women's coats, sells women's clothing and personally is a boot JUNKIE! these boots were a no-brainer!

Now I'm part of the Team representing these fabulous boots myself!


These patented Llynda More Boots offer so many options in just one pair. Their Cushioned ankle boots come in 4 different heels, 3 colors (Black, Gray & Brown) and so many options for toppers; sized to fit YOUR calves.

I will never say again that I don't have a boot for every occasion & every outfit in my closet!  I doubt you'll see me in anything else until July!

For February ONLY:

Free Shipping for all orders over $125

Get a Boot Bundle for only $185 with free shipping.

That's 90 different looks!

If you're interested in selling  LMBs and becoming part of my team. Contact me directly.

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