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Glenn McClelland (left) of Blood Sweat & Tears

and Ween wearing his ERNSTdottir jacket pictured

with former Band Mate, Bo Bice.


Producing a limited number of coats each year, ERNSTdottir  (urnst-DOE-ter) creates custom coats for a discriminating clientele. Designer, Denise Shardlow’s work has been recognized in magazines, formal exhibitions and countless trade shows. Shardlow remains mindful of  her client’s personalities and approaches every project with reverence.  This one-on-one association forms a haute couture experience culminating in a work of art.


• We believe that wearing a magnificent coat makes you feel extraordinarily confident.


• We believe that acquiring a well-made coat,  that reflects your individuality, is an important part of embracing your style.


• We believe that you deserve to slip into a coat made for you.


When Denise Shardlow, principle designer at ERNSTdottir is asked why she’s so passionate about coats, she  describes how designing is akin to sculpting. She recounts all the possibilities of fabrics, silhouettes and embellishments. She talks about how wearing a fabulous coat on a dreary day can shift your mood.

Then enthusiastically, Glenn Kohler, Denise's Partner in Life & in business, begins to tell his story...
‘We were in London a few years back vacationing right before the Christmas Holiday

We really do create Coats for Rock Stars

Custom Wedding Suit

Three piece wedding suit in Silk Matka

featuring custom embroidery and lining designed

by the bride and Groom.

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