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Hello & Welcome!

If you're on this page,  you are a private client

or were recently directed from my Direct Mailing or my Blog

Click onto the PDF below so you can print out a black and white image of this worksheet.

Have fun with this exercise and please feel free to drop me a line if you have any feedback or questions.



After sending about my MailChimp and receiving some feed back, I decided to post my Key Words and a clients Key Words. 

For myself, I added "impish." It's not on the main list, but it's a common word people close to me use to describe me. (My father being the first when I was a young child) so I choose to embrace my inner and outer impishness.

My client Laura  needs to dress for business, but feels she's challenged with her casual everyday clothing. You can see that there is an overlap between the two. One is not necessary independent of the other for her style goals, but yours may be polar opposites.

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