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Ruby Tuesday

When I was first contacted by this client to help her with her wedding dress, I approached her as a “style coach” client.

With one meeting, we quickly determined what she was looking for: a dress to extenuate her hour glass figure and show off her fit upper body. As raven haired beauty, she's a “Winter” so we were looking for “cool” colors; Jewell tones or crisp blacks & whites.

One of the first things I showed her was KOKOON's made to order Belle of the Ballers Dress.

She liked the silhouette but the pattern wasn't what she was had in mind.

We then started to “shop” for the perfect dress and after our second meeting, I thought we had it narrowed down to 2 beautiful dresses. A few days later, I get a phone call from her saying what she initially had in mind was to have me design and custom make the dress. As most of you know, my focus is on one-of-a-kind coats, but we were getting closer to her wedding day, so we made plans to go to Fabric Row the next day.

As I tell all my clients, the fabric determines the silhouette. After hitting several stores, there was really only one choice: a ruby red, pleated shimmery rayon. Instantly, in my mind, this fabric was meant to become a Fortuny-like, Grecian inspired gown, but with more structure to show her lovely form.

After some sketches, a prototype, and lots of fittings, this is the end result.

A radiant, lovely woman on her wedding day.

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